Eurobike Award 2021

The Eurobike Award 2021 goes to SUM-X

SUM-X wins the Eurobike Award 2021 in Friedrichshafen

A great surprise: on September 1st, in Friedtichshafen, an international jury awarded our SUM-X with the Eurobike Award 2021, in the category “Cargo-Bikes”.

It’s an enormous satisfaction, which comes from the most important European fair for companies in the bicycle and mobility sector.

SUM-X was chosen among 250 vehicles for its fundamental contribution in terms of technological innovation, environmental and economic sustainability, efficiency and durability.


Production manager Milo Cargnelli says:

«We are excited and enormously satisfied: the Eurobike Award rewards us for many years of study, application, self-criticism, improvements.

We created SUM-X to develop the idea of a lighter and non-impacting logistics in the bicycles sector; our cargo bike is the lightest on the market, minimizing the consumption while optimizing the energetic efficiency.

With SUM-X we can carry over 250 kilos of load on a vehicle weighing just 45 kg: no motor vehicle can boast such numbers».


SUM-X designer Diego Brunello says more:

«For ten years we have been dealing with cargo-bike maintenance, repairs, consulting. We have studied the technical problems of cargo bikes used for deliveries and transport, listened to the couriers, treasured every word and every experience.

In 2019 we started the SUM project with the purpose of optimizing maintenance, making it more practical and efficient, and at the same time freeing urban centers from heavy traffic, noise and dangerous emissions: and in fact SUM-X records the lowest PM₄ and PM₂․₅ emissions among the cargo bikes on the market.

The Eurobike jury awarded the nature of the project. In fact SUM-X is a vehicle specifically designed for last mile logistics: quick replacements for logistics players, ergonomic driving position, 4 wheels for greater stability and a high safety of the driver. SUM-X offers a curve radius of just 4 meters, less than half that of an electric van: a nice advantage when you have to move between alleys, cobblestones and arcades».

SUM stand at Eurobike 2021